Solar cool mens swimsuits in sexy men's cool mens swimsuits styles and is Tan Thru.

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Solar Tan Testimonials:
These suits were recommended to me by my mother and sister. I have recommended them to many of my friends since my last purchase. Thanks for the great website!! Very useful and helpful information.
Additional information:
Extremely quickly. Due to the open pores in the fabric, evaporation occurs at twice the rate of standard spandex.

Frequently asked Questions About:
Micro Fiber - Solar® combined the durability and performance advantages of 68% Nylon micro fiber with the versatility of 32% Spandex®. Micro fiber is extra soft to the touch, 3 times finer than silk, but never see through. Suits are made with a high quality, double needle European construction. Other advantages of this material are its lightweight feel and unique strength of construction.

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