Solar designer men's swimwear in sexy men's designer men's swimwear styles and is Tan Thru.

Swimsuits For Men

designer men's swimwear

Solar swimwear makes getting an all-over tan easier and more convenient than ever before!
designer men's swimwear
Solar Tan Testimonials:
I have now purchased 8 swimsuits for myself and three for my husband. We throughly enjoy them as it really is as close to nude sun bathing as you can get without being nude or exposing more than you want to.
Additional information:
It will depend on your skin's ability to produce melanin which is the pigment that darkens when human skin is exposed to sunlight. This is a gradual process. Continuous tanning also ensures a longer lasting tan. To achieve an all over tan, it will be necessary to use a SPF lotion of 6 to 10 (or higher as needed) on skin which is not covered by the suit, the SPF lotion will work in conjunction with the suit's built-in SPF filtration of UV, thus resulting in an all over tan.

Frequently asked Questions About:
Quick drying - Walking around in a cold, wet suit can really put a damper on your day. Regular suits stay damp for hours. Solar® suits dry 50% faster than normal suits due to the material's tniy pores, which allow moisture to evaporate.

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