Solar erotic men's swimwear in sexy men's styles and is Tan Thru.

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erotic men's swimwear

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erotic men's swimwear
erotic men's swimwear Solar Tan Testimonials:
These suits were recommended to me by my mother and sister. I have recommended them to many of my friends since my last purchase. Thanks for the great website!! Very useful and helpful information.

erotic men's swimwear


It will depend on your skin's ability to produce melanin which is the pigment that darkens when human skin is exposed to sunlight. This is a gradual process. Continuous tanning also ensures a longer lasting tan.

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Micro Fiber - Solar® combined the durability and performance advantages of 68% Nylon micro fiber with the versatility of 32% Spandex®. Micro fiber is extra soft to the touch, 3 times finer than silk, but never see through. Suits are made with a high quality, double needle European construction. Other advantages of this material are its lightweight feel and unique strength of construction.

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erotic men's swimwear

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