Solar swimsuits and men in sexy men's swimsuits and men styles and is Tan Thru.

Swimsuits For Men

swimsuits and men

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swimsuits and men
Solar Tan Testimonials:
These suits were recommended to me by my mother and sister. I have recommended them to many of my friends since my last purchase. Thanks for the great website!! Very useful and helpful information.
Additional information:
Solar's proprietary blend of materials produce a fabric guaranteed not to run or snag even on rough surfaces or Velcro®. Extremely fast drying. Light, airy fabric allows skin to breathe. Try one and see for yourself!

Frequently asked Questions About:
Fits long and short torsos - It can be a hassle finding a great fitting regular suit. Just when you see a suit you like, you find it doesn’t fit your torso. Most Solar® suits fit both long and short torsos. We use adjustable straps and twice the Spandex of a regular suit to solve this problem.

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