Solar sale mens swimwear in sexy men's sale mens swimwear styles and is Tan Thru.

Swimsuits For Men

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If you're not satisifed for any reason, you can send it back!
sale mens swimwear
Solar Tan Testimonials:
We've bought from Lifestyles Direct for years, since our first experience via the Overton's catalog. The web site keeps getting better. We have used the no hassle returns and Lifestyles is true to their word.
Additional information:
Yes, the suit incorporates 4-way stretch Spandex®. You should order your exact size. It is important to understand that the suit should fit snugly such that the pores of the fabric are "stretched and open" for UV rays to penetrate.

Frequently asked Questions About:
Snag resistant - Beaches, pools, boats, water toys, and wetsuits are full of objects for you to snag your suit on. With Solar® suits, you’ll never have to worry about this. Rock and rough concrete, even Velcro®, have met their match.

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